How to

Planning:   The "Start" button enables you to highlight or unhighlight items on the list.  (Click the single red star to quickly highlight just the good stuff).  Play with the "Shrink" and "Unshrink" button while making your selections, you'll figure it out...
Print it when you're ready:


If you use coupons: For items on your printout, the index for applicable coupons is already listed, telling you where in your dated coupon packets you find those coupons:


For products NOT appearing on the printout, you can find coupons from your filing system using the "Alphabetical coupon index" link at the top of the list.

Coupon organization in 20 seconds per week:
-Print a one page sheet (PDF format) WITH ALL THESE INSTRUCTIONS.   Click the phone # on the page with the drop-down list.

*Shopping Sleeve   "Stuff you might forget".   This sleeve is for any other loose coupons that you don't want to forget about; Mailers, and other loose coupons. Once you have cut out your shopping list coupons, Put your shopping list and ready coupons all inside the "Shopping Sleeve". Then head to the store, assured that you WON'T forget; The"stuff you might forget"!

Best filing method: Consider a hanging file box method for all your coupon packets. Since it will hold 5 months worth of coupons, it is the easiest method we have found. Since 99% of these coupons are expired after 5 months, just toss the whole packet anytime after that.


(Remember, you don't have to take this to the store, only your "Shopping Sleeve" with "todays" coupons goes there!  *If you want to spend time in the store searching for "unadvertised specials" this method won't work.  For that, you need to cut, file and manage expirations, FOR ALL COUPONS, every week. We hear a binder with baseball card sleeves works pretty well if you shop like that.)

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